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Do Not Repair Your car in These 4 Wrong Approaches

Even veteran drivers cannot fully know how to repair and maintain cars, because we are not professional maintenance personnel. But are many maintenance methods handed down really suitable for our ever-changing cars? These are not only incorrect, but can cause damage to the vehicle.

  1. Blindly remove the engine thermostat

When the temperature of the engine is too high, some maintenance personnel may remove the thermostat. As the coolant cannot adjust the level, the engine will always be at low temperature, causing the power to drop, which will accelerate the wear of the engine and consume more fuel. So if it is not the thermostat that has a problem, check the cooling system.

  1. Ignore the harm of low temperature

Some people know that high temperature in the engine will bring bad effects. They do not know, however, that low engine temperature brings even more harm. Therefore, it is best to drive according to the optimal temperature of the engine, so as not to cause harm to the engine.

  1. The tighter the water pump fan belt, the better

The belt of the water pump fan should be just properly tight, but not as tight as possible. If the belt is too tight, it will suffer too much tension to become longer or even break, with shortened life. And it may cause deformation and bending of the generator shaft, water pump shaft and early damage to the bearing. The correct belt assembly curvature is 10-15mm.

  1. Use idle speed to heat up the engine

The lubricating oil cannot be used efficiently at the idle speed, and the oil pressure will be too low. The moving parts of the engine will therefore always rub. And poor fuel atomization will also rush into the crankcase, causing the oil film on the cylinder wall to fall off and the accelerating parts to wear out. So the best is to use fast idle speed to heat up after the engine starts.

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