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How to Test a Lead Acid Battery

Lead acid batteries have been available for just a centuries and are generally primarily used in automobiles. These batteries are made up of stacked lead and lead oxide plates. The plates are enclosed by an electrolyte solution. The make-up of the option is 35 % sulfuric acid and 65 percent water. You can attempt some lead acid batteries employing a hydrometer. When you do this, you happen to be actually measuring the number of sulfuric acid inside the electrolyte solution of your battery. All batteries is usually tested by using a voltmeter.
Things You’ll Need
Preparing the Battery
1. Charge the battery fully. The alternator in your own vehicle will fully charge the battery again after about 30 minutes of driving. You may also hook your battery up to and including trickle charger. The charger will indicate once the battery has been fully charged, usually with a green LED light.
2. Remove the surface charge. To achieve this it is possible to turn your headlights on for a few moments.
3. Turn the headlights off. Allow battery take several hours.
Making use of the Hydrometer
1. Look battery to find out whether it has removable cell caps. They will be crafted from plastic and over the battery. But if your battery doesn’t have these, you won’t need to be capable to try a hydrometer and needs to skip to another section.
2. Unplug the battery cables. Ensure that you tuck the cables away to make sure that no perhaps the connectors is touching the car battery cells.
3. Pry off the cell caps. You can do this which includes a flat head screwdriver.
4. Insert the hydrometer into every single openings and take measurements. The reading about the hydrometer will explain the exact gravity for each cell. There shouldn’t be any more than .05 differences relating to the cells. The unique gravity need to be above 1.225, otherwise the battery’s days are numbered.
While using the Voltmeter
1. Attach the clip while using red cable towards the positive cell of this battery.
2. Attach the clip with all the black cable to the negative cell.
3. Confirm the meter reading. The meter will indicate what the voltage is. The voltage to get a 12V battery shouldn’t be cheaper than 12.4 as well as the voltage for the 6V battery shouldn’t be lower than 6.2.
Tips & Warnings
Wear rubber gloves and goggles considering the hydrometer.

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