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Tesla’s on-board computer may change chip supplier

According to the latest news, Tesla’s MCU will seek to switch to AMD’s “Navi” chip.

Initially, Tesla used Nvidia’s Tegra chip in its media control unit (MCU), which is different from its self-developed chips used in Autopilot or Fully Automatic Driving (FSD) computers.

As Tesla began to no longer use Nvidia chips on Autopilot computers, the automaker also switched from Nvidia to Intel as the chip supplier for in-vehicle MCU media computers. It now appears that Tesla is planning to change MCU chip supplier, and is seeking to change to AMD.

Software engineer Patrick Schur shared a document showing that Tesla may be seeking to adopt AMD’s new Navi 23 chip. This chip is also AMD’s latest chip, which provides support for its latest graphics card, with stronger performance and higher efficiency.

Previously, AMD has stated that compared with AMD RDNA™-based graphics cards, the groundbreaking AMD RDNA™ 2 architecture has doubled the game performance and increased the efficiency/power ratio by 54%.

Increasing the efficiency-to-power ratio is also an issue that Tesla has been paying close attention to, because the automaker hopes to improve the efficiency of the car’s internal subsystems to increase the overall efficiency and ultimately extend the cruising range.

However, it is still unclear when Tesla will adopt the new chip in the on-board computer.

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