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Tesla deploys the world’s largest overcharge station

Recently, Tesla opened the world’s largest new super charging station in California, USA. The charging station has deployed 56 charging piles, which is the highest number of single charging stations. With the completion of this charging station, Tesla’s super charging network has reached a new milestone.

This brand new super charging station is located between the California Bay Area and Los Angeles. These two areas are the two largest markets for Tesla in the world. Next to this super charging station, there is also a convenience store and a restaurant for Tesla owners to shop and consume while charging.

In addition, the solar panels built by Tesla here can not only provide power for this super charging station, but also provide shade for charging vehicles and car owners. Tesla has promised long ago that it will use more solar energy for power generation and charging at its super charging stations.

In 2019, Tesla officially released the V3 super charging pile, and began to deploy and use this latest generation technology super charging pile all over the world. The V3 super charging pile uses a new architecture and power electronic components to support a peak charging power of up to 250kW. Tesla is also accelerating the construction of V3 super charging stations in major cities in my country. So far, Tesla has built more than 490 super charging stations in China, with more than 720 destination charging stations, covering nearly 270 cities across the country.

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