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Universal Pictures shuts down Fast & Furious 7 movie production

Universal studio has released a state statement on Wednesday in connection with the shut down from the production; with the 7th the main hit movies Franchise “Fast and the Furious”.

Abu Dhabi?city,?was one of many shooting?sites?chosen to shoot scenes connected with harry potter 7 few this ?franchise.

The unfortunate demise of? Paul Walker has been a great loss, bigger been a dear friend, said the spokesman with the Universal studio.

The spokesman also added how the loss is indeed great that “we really need to close down for just a period before we read the alternatives to move forward with the franchise.” Additionally it is reported how the movie which started filming in September, 2019 is heavily incomplete.

The Production house which has been to resume their shooting schedule on Monday, in Atlanta; after the Thanksgiving holidays ought to shout out shooting schedule off. On account of unfortunate demise of Paul Walker on Saturday inside north of New york.

Universal that has been wanting to wrap the schedule early to secrete the film over the 11th of July 2019; a day which can be supposed to be Delayed. Though Universal has not issued any statement for the release date of the movie nonetheless it looks probable that they’re going to alter the plot or reshoot the schedule again with new Brain O Connell. The role that was made famous by Paul Walker.

“At the moment, everyone at Universal concentrate on providing support to Paul’s immediate family and our extended ‘Fast & Furious’ category of cast, crew and filmmakers, the Universal studio spokesman mentioned this during the statement.

The autopsy released on Wednesday reported what’s causing it behind Walker’s death is injuries through the mishap and consequent fire from your crash. The Porsche as reported was driven by Walker’s friend. The top intensity crash was created first to pole then tree.

The Chicago County coroner’s office released autopsy details as death caused by “combined negative effects of Traumatic and thermal injuries,”

The Porsche held walker in passenger seat while uncle Rodger Rodas, who was and a collaborator while in the racing team with walker, friend and his professional financal advisor was driving the Porsche 2005. Rodas died at that moment resulting from crash right into a pole and tree, which burst into flames.

Investigations will always be in method to look for the cause behind the Rodas stagger to loose control. Its speculated that speed is likely to be a disciplined factor as car crashes about 30 miles towards the northwest of New york downtown.

The connection between the Toxicology examination for drugs, alcohol or any intoxicated substance is born, and may even take up to another 4 to 6 weeks.

Graham Rahal who previously used this beast car said, the unit is not merely high-speed, but is ferocious and extremely not easy to contain. Vehicles mentioned it may possibly accelerate approximately 100 mph within just 7 seconds. The automobile was purchased by Paul Walker from Indy-Car driver Graham Rahal.

The franchise which can be famed due to its street racing had Paul Walker from the movies except one Tokyo drift. The Franchise which was specially had Universal money spinning was the 6th instalment in the Franchise. Which grossed $788 mn. World-wide, giving the franchise a different high.

Universal studio also announced of charity donation to Walker’s Connect Charity. The officials mentioned some of DVD, Blu-ray and digital release’s profit might be donated to your charity started via the Paul Walker.

The Touch base began by Walker last year, to supply support to the victims of natural calamities. It is also reported that this Walker was fundraising earlier from the afternoon before the crash.

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