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Wolfgang Egger, Audi’s designer leaving to Italdesign

Wolfgang Egger, Audi’s chief designer is going to be replaced by the Volkswagen senior designer Marc Lichte who will be the designer within the?current?Golf. Egger is leaving the provider however, not going beyond the boundary when he is leaving to move Italdesign Giugiaro in Turin that has been bought from the Volkswagen Group this year, which consists of freshly new creations along with the Lamborghini Gallardo.

Whether Lichte’s arrival will mark a turning point from the brand’s design or you cannot, the Volkswagen Group hopes it’s going to calm matters at Audi Design, which has most recently been rocked from the departure of Achim Badstbner for Mercedes-Benz. From 1 January, Badstbner will head the brand’s exterior design from Sindelfingen, Germany.

Egger took over the best place at Audi from Walter de Silva and contains been accountable not too long ago to your Audi A6 and A3, and also 2010 Quattro Concept and also the E-Tron Concept and has now been head of design for the Audi and Lamborghini brands since 2007. Young drivers . worked in Lancia and then at Alfa Romeo because head of design.


Egger’s design career has seen many successes since he graduated from the International College of Arts and Sciences in Milan, Italy, in 1989. He could be credited with all the kind of the Alfa Romeo 147, 156 and 166 as well as the first generation SEAT Ibiza, Cordoba and Altea during his time in the Volkswagen Group’s Spanish subsidiary. Egger left SEAT being head of design at Lancia in 2001, okay Alfa Romeo later that very same year to create the 8C Competizione.

The 50-year-old German designer can move to a senior design role within Italdesign Giugiaro, which has been acquired by the Volkswagen Group last year. The majority of the Volkswagen Group’s brands have teams within Italdesign perfecting future products. As former Bentley exterior design director Raul Pires now heads Italdesign’s transport studio, Egger’s new role has yet to be specified.

Switching from Audi to Italdesign that is certainly far smaller in the car market, is usually a sideways move at best, however it’s not missing out on dares. As head of Italdesign, a formerly independent design house which is still partly properties of patriarch Giorgio Giugiaro – Egger continues to deliver alternative design proposals to your Volkswagen Group’s different brands. In August 2010, the Volkswagen Group bought 90.One percent on the ailing design house. Recently, Italdesign has proved the Parcour concept car, which has been retouched and displayed when the Audi Nanuk quattro concept within the Frankfurt auto show.

Though no official statement is made by Audi or Volkswagen nevertheless the German industry magazine?’Automobilwoche’ is reporting that Wolfgang Egger will leave Audi to dedicate yourself to the Turin-based design house, this is a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group.

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