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No Excessive Paint Surface Maintenance For Your Car Anymore!

I believe that every car owner wants his car to stay new forever. But they don’t know that excessive maintenance is actually a kind of harm. Today, we’ll talk about some of the misunderstandings in the paint beauty, so that your car paint will not be hurt by excessive “spoiling”.

Washing the car too often

The first thing I want to tell you is not to be too diligent in cleaning the vehicle. The first is the choice of car wash location. Whether it is for saving money or for convenience, most people will choose roadside car-washing shops to wash their cars. Then that’s the problem, paint surface wear.

The daily running water of roadside car wash shops is at least 50 vehicles and their car wipes and foam sponges are rarely cleaned. After washing one after another, the car cleaning cloth is already covered with various particles, which are difficult to observe with the naked eye. In this way, every time you wash your car in a street shop, it is equivalent to wearing out the paint. If you look carefully, many car wash shops use a sponge to wipe the wheel hub and then the body. The wrong operation sequence will speed up the paint fading.

If you have realized this and do not go to the roadside stores but the larger car wash shops, you may fall into another trap. Because a larger storefront means more water. That is, more cars are washed every day, so many large car wash shops have adopted a more convenient and efficient computer car wash.

The problem lies here. When the computer is washing the car, the cleaning roller will directly slap the paint surface and the various impurities inside will cause the paint surface to be slightly worn. In addition, if the car is not pre-cleaned before the computer washing, the dirt on the car body will rub the paint surface by the action of the roller. If this continues, great damage may be caused to the paint surface.

So it’s suggested to minimize or avoid car washes in unprofessional car wash shops. If your schedule is not very tight, the best way is to clean your car yourself.

Washing under scorching sun

Since washing the car by yourself is a good choice, there are some things to pay attention to in actual operation, such as washing the car under the scorching sun. If you do so, the car body will dry quickly, but it is also easy to damage the paint. Because under the sun, the convex lens effect formed by water will cause local high temperature phenomenon in the top layer of the car paint, so the car paint will lose its luster over time. Therefore, it is best not to wash and wax the car in the hot sun. You can do it in a cloudy or sunny morning or evening.

No duster

There are also many car owners who want to keep their car clean at all times, so they use a kind of artifact, a duster.

Many think it is very easy to use and useful. Unfortunately, after using for a period of time, you may find the paint surface become no longer shiny and delicate. Because the duster with wax absorbs a lot of dust every time the car is wiped. It becomes a piece of “sandpaper”, which can easily scratch the paint.

Whether to wax small scratches depends

Many owners choose to wax small scratches if there is any. The first choice is car wax without grinding function, using a sponge to dip the wax on the scratched area evenly. Otherwise the car may be over-grinded and cause more scratches.

After a lot of effort, the scratched part is basically invisible from a distance. But if you look closely, there will be many small scratches in the waxed area, especially in the sun. Therefore, it is recommended that car owners go to a qualified and professional repair shop to deal with such things as scratches.

Paint surface polishing does not mean paint surface renovation

Some cars have been driving for many years, so the weather-beaten body paint no longer has the luster it used to be, which feels rough to the touch.

To restore the car’s surface, many people will choose to do a waxing and polishing for the car. To put it bluntly, it is actually polishing. After that, the car feels really smooth. But there are also disadvantages, as the polished paint surface is all scratched in the sun.

Frequent waxing is another source of aging paint. Whether it is polishing wax or glazing wax, there is a certain degree of grinding on the paint surface. If waxing is too frequent, the paint surface will become thinner and thinner, which will affect the color or gloss of the paint surface.

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